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"I recently worked with CRT Experts on a CRT I’ve had for many years. The trust was a good fit when I set it up and it worked well for a long time, but it was an unnecessary complexity in my life today. I’m trying to make things in my life simpler and exiting the CRT was a big step in doing that. Understanding how to exit a CRT seemed confusing on the surface, but CRT Experts took the time to educate me on how simple it actually is. Truly a wonderful experience. I would recommend them to anyone.”

Andy Gorogiani
Andrew G Gorogiani Charitable Trust
Fishers, IN



"A month ago, I received a letter of general inquiry from CRT Experts about selling our CRT interest. Although somewhat skeptical of the ability to do this, I contacted the owner, Evan Unzelman. He addressed my concerns with knowledge and confidence. We established this CRT in 1997 and, although it fulfilled its purpose then, it had become unnecessary to our current financial planning. We could not be more pleased with the professionalism of Evan and his team in guiding us through the entire process. In less than 30 days from my initial call, we have received the proceeds from the sale. We highly recommend CRT Experts to anybody in a similar situation."

Ron and Sue Kutsche
Ronald Allen Kutsche Charitable Remainder Unitrust
The Woodlands, TX


"I received a letter from CRT Experts and was intrigued. After receiving their review of my CRT and learning what I would get from selling, how simple the mechanics of the transaction were, and how it would remove the CRT’s complications from our financial lives, I decided to move ahead with the sale. Everything went exactly as CRT Experts had laid out. Their solution is simple, transparent and turnkey. The staff’s communication was responsive and detailed. Very pleased with the results and would recommend CRT Experts to anyone looking to make changes with their CRT.”

Patrick Silva
Patrick and Jennifer Silva Charitable Remainder Trust
Hanford, CA


"We wanted to send a short note to say thank you again for your professional, responsive, detailed and most helpful actions putting our deal together. We were tired of the CRT’s administrative requirements and knew we wanted to cash out ahead of yet another frustrating tax season with the trust. CRT Experts offered by far the best financial outcome. What we didn’t expect was the level of service we received. You are a testament to old-fashioned service and responsiveness. A pleasure to do business with. Thanks for making our transaction not only successful but also a joy to complete.”

Russell Shippee
Russell R Shippee Charitable Remainder Unitrust
North Kingstown, RI


"You did everything you said you would do, and you made the process EASY. We are happy to be rid of the trust. Thank you again.”

Darryl Weiss
Weiss Charitable Remainder Trust
Palm Beach Gardens, FL


"I am retired now (83) and no longer needed the CRT that I did for myself more than 20 years ago. I was a CFP®, MBA and AEP (Accredited Estate Planner) and provided CRTs for lots of clients and wish I knew of this flexibility when I was practicing. Before my advisor introduced me to CRT Experts, I tried to liquidate our CRT with a prestigious hospital in Southern California - they didn’t think it could be done and then (after telling them it could be done) their legal advisors came up with ridiculous roadblocks. CRT Experts provided professional, quick and responsive solutions to our situation. I am thoroughly pleased!”

John Patzman
John and Ruth Patzman Unitrust
Carlsbad, CA


"I have been trying to simplify my financial affairs but thought the CRT and its paperwork hassle was just something I’d have to live with. Selling my income interest completely removed those concerns."

Nancy Rodgers
Rodgers Family Charitable Remainder Unitrust
Edgewood, KY

"I wanted to thank you for your efforts on our behalf to find a buyer and process our sale of CRT income interest. The CRT Experts team was knowledgeable, timely and diligent in all matters. Overall, it was a great experience and we would recommend CRT Experts to anyone in a similar situation."

Rodney Baba
The Rodney Baba Charitable Remainder Unitrust
Honolulu, HI

"I worked closely with CRT Experts, LLC in connection with the sale of my income interest in a Charitable Remainder Unitrust. They were indeed “experts” but also professional, ethical and caring. The transaction was completed to the full satisfaction of all the parties involved. Thank you for the first rate, careful and continuing leadership work you exercised to make this all come off in excellent fashion. You are real pros!"

Ben Uchitelle
Benjamin & Susan Uchitelle Charitable Remainder Unitrust
St. Louis, MO

"I am well aware that what has been a practically painless experience was as a result of your professionalism and your kind and patient “care” of me and Jacquie. It has been a good thing in my life to have worked with you. Appreciation and thanks."

Jon Farbman
Jon Farbman and Jacqueline West Farbman Charitable Remainder Trust
Greenwich, NY

"Evan Unzelman and his staff at CRT Experts are very knowledgeable and professional.  They answered all our questions expeditiously and we never felt any pressure to make a quick decision.  They were very helpful in negotiating some of the details of our transaction so that both buyer and seller were pleased with the final agreement.  And they executed the final agreement very efficiently.  We are very satisfied clients."

Jim Butler

The James L. and Diane E. Butler Charitable Remainder Trust

St. Louis, MO

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