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The team at CRT Experts has spent the last two decades helping people with CRTs make changes that better suit their lives today.  In many cases, their planning goals have shifted, and they want to redirect their CRT’s remaining financial benefit to their heirs. Others prefer the flexibility of cash today instead of waiting for future CRT income. Many CRT owners are ready to simplify their financial affairs and get rid of the administrative hassles.

People often think they are locked into their current CRT terms because the trust is irrevocable. But the income interest in a CRT is a capital asset, and as a result, there are a number of options for the CRT’s income recipient. CRT Experts can work with you, your children or your advisor to find the best solution.

Reasons to review your CRT options include:

  • You are trying to simplify your financial affairs

  • You created your CRT ten or more years ago

  • You would rather have cash today than wait for future CRT distributions

  • You are interested in ways to get more assets to your children 

Our Review Process

At no cost or obligation, we will confidentially review your CRT and provide a written summary and analysis of your options.  Options will include selling your income interest to a third party or using a CRT rollover to transfer your income interest to a new CRT for the benefit of your children and/or grandchildren.

In reviewing your CRT, we can work directly with you,

your children, or any of your advisors.

To review a CRT and provide a valuation, we only need the

nearest age(s) of any income beneficiaries, the trust’s payout

rate, and the approximate trust value. There is no cost and no obligation.


To initiate a review, call us at (703) 520-2275 or email


Should you decide to move forward following your review, we are happy to work with you

and/or any of your advisors to complete the transaction. Our closing team has successfully arranged the sale of thousands of CRT interests over the last two decades. Over that time, we’ve developed a closing process that is simple, seamless and completely turnkey for sellers. We coordinate all activity from start to finish and provide all of the necessary documentation.

View Testimonials from Recent Sellers

Our Approach

In a perfect world, every CRT beneficiary would understand the range of options they have with respect to their CRT interest. Unfortunately, this is far from the reality. 

Over the last two decades reviewing more than 9,000 CRTs and talking with many more CRT beneficiaries and their advisors, we’ve learned that many – in fact most – CRT beneficiaries are unaware of the options they have. Because the trust is irrevocable, most beneficiaries incorrectly assume that their CRTs are set in stone and there is nothing they can do other than waiting for income. 

Our goal is to show beneficiaries their CRT alternatives, and where appropriate, to help them and their families bring their CRTs to a satisfactory conclusion.

No Square Pegs in Round Holes
Our experience shows that if the CRT options available are presented in a clear, unbiased manner, the family's decision is usually an easy one. Each option is unique and makes sense for a specific set of circumstances. If the family's situation matches one of the options, we are happy to work with the family in exploring the option further and potentially utilizing it. If not, they will be aware of the options should any be a fit in the future.

While many families decide to take action following our initial

review, even more end up doing so at a later date and often

following subsequent CRT reviews over a several-year period.

The Importance of Family and Advisors

Determining what to do with an existing CRT interest is often a family decision. Children and advisors are often consulted, particularly when the income beneficiaries are older. We are always available and happy to discuss CRT options with family members and advisors.

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